Great inspiration of timeless beauty

The Coronet Solitaire brand is a worldwide patented design. It has gained a worldwide audience since its introduction. Through the expertise of amalgamation of six diamonds together with an elevated centre-piece forming the table for the cluster which is 100% visible with no prongs, and thus magically embracing to conceive a luminous solitaire diamond.

This state-of-the-art technique portrays an extraordinary brilliance of the fine crafted diamonds and offers the pleasure of a carat-sized diamond with a smaller price tag at less than 10% of its price.

It's Original, It's the best

The Coronet Solitaire offers a complete line of jewellery with a range of stylish rings, earrings, pendants, necklacees, and bracelets, and with endless possibilities of combinations to suit every mood and every occasion. You can now get the solitaire effect with less than 10% of a carat diamond price

The collection

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