Established for more than a decade as a one of leading jewellery concept store in some of the classy, chic shopping malls in Jakarta, Richards Jewellery is set to proudly introduce onto more step of its elegant, refined, modern concept to the community. The overall concept is depicting the values of someone should be appreciating and looking as richness in life.

Our pride lies in not only giving and providing excellent services for our customers, we also proud in distinguishing our product line for its high standard quality of F-colour VVS, the very best offer for those diamond jewellery fans both daily users and collectors. Various collections are available in our displays from pendants, rings, earrings where we categorize the collections in four different types: Wedding Ring, Solitaire, For Her, and For Him

The design is also the conceit of Richards Jewellery where we value our craftmanship to the very detail and high-precision production. We carefully manage to have modern, elegant, yet stylish cut and shape for the design of every product that we have. Some might also infuse fun factor that can be mixed-and-match, depending on the mood of the wearer.

As the successful business blessed to our line, Richards Jewellery will continue to expand its door throughout Jakarta, while keep providing the very ‘RICH’ collections of diamond jewellery and precious-stone jewellery to the market. We believe that every individual deserves the relish of what is called as richness in life.

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